These things need a road test, drivers licenses and renewals

These things need a road test, drivers licenses and renewals

I’ve had my travel scooter I use for years. It’s very light, folds into three parts and is perfect when I need to travel somewhere. However it is nothing like my electronic wheelchair. That one is much heavier, turns on a dime, but isn’t portable because each part is extremely heavy. Yesterday was day one with my daughter in the city. Her and I took my travel scooter by train. When I get into Pennsylvania Station, it’s always busy with people and I have to zip through the maze. Half actually more like 90% of people pay absolutely NO ATTENTION so I have to not only get where I’m going but watch for the dumb dumbs not paying attention so they don’t run into me. It’s like the game frogger…crossing the road, avoiding the cars…anyone remember that game?

Once in the street, it’s no better. NYC has sidewalk repairs everywhere and narrow sidewalks. Plus people all crossing the street at the same time but I need to go up and down by the sidewalk ramps. Never fails there are ALWAYS people just standing there in the way as I say excuse me 10 times before they move away.

Then of course you have me, the driver. We walked from 8th avenue and 34th street to 11th avenue and 59th street. It takes about 30 minutes. My daughter walked, I’m in the scooter. Getting to the school I was fine. I was awake, aware, not stressed I was good. As the day went on, a few issues happened my stress levels went up, I got tired, and as I get tired, so do my hands that work the scooter control.

The first incident wasn’t because I was tired, it was because of the water bottle somehow getting stuck on the go control. We were standing in a line for her to get her school picture ID when the forward button got stuck and I literally

Mowed down 2 people’s toes

My daughter was mortified. I was embarrassed but laughed because it was really kind of comical. The second incident was to my poor daughter as we were leaving on the way to her dorm from the school. I rolled over her foot and didn’t realize. Her instinct was to push me and the scooter over, which she almost did, the scooter is that light, but thankfully grabbed it back just in time. Third incident was a guy who walked out of a building looking down the street opposite to where I was coming. I just knew he was going to walk as soon as I got near to him and BANG, right into me. Final incident and by now I had no patience was a lady just talking paying no attention, was about to walk into me but I stopped in time, I said excuse me, she did it again and on the third time I hit her. I mean really!!!

I drive into walls in elevators.  I drive into people. I now mow down people’s toes. I’m a lousy driver. Take my warning seriously…

If you see me coming, move out of the way

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