Ocrevus infusion cancelled

Ocrevus infusion cancelled

That was the message I received on my answering machine at 3:42 on Friday afternoon. I, of course, didn’t hear this message until late Friday night because I was in the city moving my daughter into her dorm. Of course this was Friday, they are closed Saturday and Sunday and my infusion was scheduled for Monday. Of course they offered no explanation as to WHY this was cancelled…was there another insurance issue? Drug issue? No idea. Just your appointment on Monday is cancelled please call the office. Not even call the office to reschedule, just call the office!!!


At the last infusion, the nurse gave me his cell phone, so I gave it a shot….Do you know why the infusion was cancelled for Monday? Turns out, and how this happened I can’t answer, the medicine wouldn’t arrive in time for Monday’s infusion. I was able to have it rescheduled for Wednesday. I can’t say whether the infusion site forgot to order the medicineĀ for my appointment or if the drug company actually had a problem when they sent it, but my guess goes to the infusion site forgetting to order it in time. Anyway, good thing I don’t work and changing a 6 hour infusion is no big deal. I’m so glad I only have to deal with this every 6 months.

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  1. Mine was hung up for the same thing. One of my friends had already received her two infusions. Mine didn’t come for about three weeks later. My understanding is that the drug company wasn’t ready for all of the people who wanted to get started on it.

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