A dogs life in a new condo

A dogs life in a new condo

I’ve waited for days like this. To sit, look out the window, watch the water, drink my coffee and write my blog. I think I’ve finally come to the point where I’ve annoyed my mom. Yesterday when I talk to her I said I’m just so happy and she said I know I know I know LOL

The dogs are adjusting well, but find two aspects difficult. We lived in an apartment in someone’s home, now I live in the building. Poor Marshmellow looks out the balcony window and sees all the people coming and going. He just assumes they are coming into our place. That’s all he’s ever known. Somebody was walking comes up the walkway, they went to either my landlord or to me. He gets very confused by this. Especially because he sees the back of the building not the front. The condo is a very spread out but you can hear doors close on the floor every now and then. When either of them hear a door close they run to our door barking. Let me change that, Marshy is the barker, Zoey doesn’t really bark at anything except Marshy when he won’t play with her. Other than those little things, I think they like it here. My big comfy oversized chair is big enough for them and me. Not that I would ever buy anything that wasn’t. Marshy loves the balcony couch and loves looking outside which I knew he would. I open the balcony door every day. The fact that I have a glass enclosure is such an amazing feature. It’s not even cold. Although I do have a heater out there if I need it. In the spring he’s going to love it even more when the windows open. Zoey, she’s a cuddle bug. If she isn’t playing she’s curled up in my lap. She doesn’t care too much about the outside world. My Boomer would have loved this. He would spend all day on that bench on the balcony. 😥. They both love the bedroom and crazy thing, they stopped going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. In the apartment they always woke up. When they woke up, I woke up because I have to keep an eye on Zoey not to eat Marshmallows poop. A lovely issue I still have. Since I’ve been here over a week now, they have woke up maybe once. I honestly have to say this might have to do with diffusing serenity every single night but that’s for another post. My daughter bought me slippers for the holidays. It says Home is where my frenchies are. I think for them, Home is where Mikayla and I are.

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