Biotin, dating, Ocrevus and me

Biotin, dating, Ocrevus and me

It’s been a strange couple of days. I’m finally able to start taking my high dose biotin again. If you read any of my other threads on biotin, and there are many, what mostly showed in the biotin is that my walking speed increased by seven seconds. This is according to my neurological test by my doctor. However I’ve stated, and I still stand by, that biotin helped do more. Besides noticing more weakness in my legs and hip area, my hands have also been giving me problems. Since I have problems with my hands all the time anyway I haven’t paid much attention until yesterday when I realized they were so much worse. It got me thinking that maybe when I started taking the biotin again, they might improve too. Biotin is a vitamin. In my opinion what could it hurt to try. However I’m not a doctor so you need to check with your doctor.

So I’ve been putting out there to the universe about the possibility of a companion in my life again. The intention to have a significant other, a partner to fall in love, maybe I am ready again despite having MS. I gave it to the universe knowing full well I can’t do this alone I’ve made many mistakes. So somebody wrote me via Letgo, The website like eBay to sell your stuff. Who picks somebody up on a site like that? Then on Google plus somebody sent me an email trying to pick me up. The guy had a cute picture so I said why not, I could just do the emails back-and-forth what could it hurt. So we did this thing called hang out which is like a Google chat. And we’re chatting back-and-forth for a couple of days. All was fine he was a little weird, calling me honey and babe not really nice when you don’t even know me I don’t like that. But then yesterday he wrote I really love you in the contexts of not in a friendly kind of way it was said by itself. My reply was people don’t talk like that and I blocked him. Note to the universe, I know I said a chance meeting and I’m not going on the dating sites but this is ridiculous. I’m not going to mention the guy who told me about the government incubating children to raise an army. Like clone wars Star Wars.

Yesterday I get an email from my mom, it says are you aware of a new drug called Ocrevus? It recently came out for multiple sclerosis and it’s supposed to be very good. I called my mom and I’m like hi nice to meet you do you know anything about me? Don’t you remember I was on Rituxan the sister drug and we switch to the Ocrevus because it wasn’t covered by my insurance and I had to switch to get it covered. Then my mother finally goes oh yeah it did sound familiar. It was just funny. Proof she doesn’t read my blog but in her defense, she gets the live version 2 times a day via phone.

Happy Friday.

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