Married at First Sight on Lifetime

Married at First Sight on Lifetime

Call me a romantic, or I just have way too much time on my hands. I’ve been watching a show called married at first sight. Most of the world probably has not seen it. It’s a show about people who have never met that get married and have six weeks to be with each other and see if they can make a marriage work or get a divorce. It’s a crazy concept but there’s something so fairytale about it. I think what so addictive was the very first season that I watched, two of the couples from 2014 are still together. Since then the seasons I’ve watched no one is together. Could you imagine first meeting the person you’re about to marry at the altar? If you haven’t checked out the show and you have time on your hands, I would recommend the first season.

In the show after they get married they have a full wedding. With the affair, pictures. cake and throwing the bouquet all with their friends and family. They go on a honeymoon and then they move in together and in six weeks time they decide whether to stay together or divorce. Watching it, obviously, has got me thinking about marriage. It’s been just me for over 11 years. I can share my life with someone but I certainly don’t need a piece paper to say were married. Watching the show just shows, as evidence, that being married is just as easy to dissolve and end the relationship. The piece of paper is a formality. In that respect, I think, the show puts a poor light on marriage. However, in the first season, it showed a fairy tale that people can only dream about.

Im currently in season 4 of 6. I still find the growth of both the people and the relationships interesting. The conflicts that arise always comes back to poor communication skills. A problem I’ve had in both my marriage and in my long term relationship. It’s another one of my bingable shows. Happy Tuesday.

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  1. I actually caught this show once or twice. At first, I thought it was madness. And like you said – it does not work out for most of them. However, then, I realized that the couple that stayed together were really focused on STAYING married. For them marriage was a commitment, which for them was sacrilege to break. Some of them learned to love the other person. Others just thought they would fall in love in a matter of seconds.

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