MS “Guardian Molecule” may lead to new MS treatment.

MS “Guardian Molecule” may lead to new MS treatment.

Interesting article in medical news today. A team of scientists, in Northwestern University of Chicago, found a interesting relation between testosterone and the immune system. They may have discovered a molecule that actually cards against multiple sclerosis. They call the molecule, the Guardian Molecule.

In a quick summary, the team discovered that testosterone prompts a group of immune cells called mast cells to secrete a signaling molecule called interleukin 33 (IL-33) in the males.

The scientists found that IL-33 — which they describe as a “guardian molecule” — triggers a series of chemical reactions that block the development of Th17 immune cells, which is the type that attacks the myelin sheath.

These findings can lead to new treatment possibilities for multiple sclerosis. I’ve inserted a copy of the article for you to


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