I am protesting the Veggie Burger

I am protesting the Veggie Burger

The only thing I miss, being a vegetarian, is a really good hamburger. Maybe we could throw on some cheese and bacon with that. Slap on a little ketchup. Some really burnt french fries.  I mean if you’re going to go there, might as well go there right. I really don’t miss meat. I’ve had no problem giving it up. I’ve been a vegetarian now since December 2, and except for an occasional dairy product (like 1\2 & 1\2 in my coffee), I haven’t had any issues.  However, that hamburger, coated with ketchup, with juices dripping down when you take a bite, that one I miss.

Anytime I go for dinner with anyone, the vegetarian meal offered always seems to be the veggie burger. Either that or I always seem to eat the veggie burger.  I don’t know what it is about these veggie burgers, they just taste like vegetables thrown in with breadcrumbs or beans of some sort. My friend was eating that yummy juicy hamburger and I’m eating this veggie burger.  It’s not even that they’re bad, they just can’t be call burgers. They’re not juicy, they aren’t even made with a meatless products, the only similarity is it is served on a bun. Oh the put lettuce, tomato, onion and a pickle on it to give it that falsified I’m a hamburger type of sandwich lie.  I hAve gone to so many upscale restaurants, and thought maybe their version of the veggie burger will be a little different, and it’s not! It just shouldn’t be called a burger because it’s not a burger. It just needs a new name.

I’m protesting the name!!!

If you’re going to call it a burger at least use one of the vegan meatless products that are out there. There are many products out there now that are really good. Use that and make it an actual meatless burger. But something made with beans, corn, and grains that is flat does not constitute a burger to me.  OK now I know I’m new to the whole vegan vegetarian world, and there might be people out there that want to shoot me, and I’m sorry. Please tell me if you have an idea of what else I should’ve ordered. But it never fails I order these veggie burgers and I’m always disappointed. I just always hope for more when I eat it. I just don’t get satisfaction from them. I also won’t even go into the facts that I didn’t even ask if it was made with egg ????. Sugar snaps. My veggie burger was probably not vegan either. I should’ve ordered Brussels sprouts with my dirty martini and called it a day.

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  1. My son makes awesome brussels sprouts. He slices them in about three or four pieces depending on the size. Then he sautés them in olive oil with a little garlic and salt-and-pepper. They’re wonderful!

    1. I opted out of Brussels sprouts because I knew they were in oil. Even though I say vegan I try to do plant based which is oil free so I wanted to avoid oil. Duh bad choice. All I know is you’d think they’d come up with a better veggie burger by now.

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