The annoying but harmless guy in physical therapy

The annoying but harmless guy in physical therapy

I’ve been going to physical therapy since November 2016. The way my insurance works is I get 20 calendar visits per year.  I started in 2016 so it just worked out that I was able to do many months in a row. My physical therapy actually runs an amazing program that after this  physical therapy set up, I could pay a monthly fee and use everything in the gym, only giving up with the physical therapist actually have to do, which would be the stretching for me. The other plus it’s now I get to pick my days and times which I go. My physical therapist  never like me to go consecutive days so I would always have to go on a Monday or Wednesday or Wednesday and Friday the days he worked. The problem was is on Wednesdays and Fridays the annoying guy was there. I like to do mornings because, with the multiple sclerosis, I am strongest is in the morning and I fizzel as the day goes on. So all my activities that I do are in AM because this way I have the most energy. However he’s there every morning as well. He’s a nice guy he’s just very annoying.

Here I am at 8 o’clock in the morning, wearing sweatpants, usually no make up, and this guy who is talking and talking and talking and hitting on me every time I see him.  It’s not just me it’s everyone, every female in the facility,working there or working out there he hits on. It’s quite comical because there are some young, pretty therapist there that don’t really know how to handle it. I watch them sometimes, walk the other way around the gym, around him so they don’t have to be in his path. Sometimes they just pretend to be involved with another patient, act like they don’t hear him when he’s talking. It is kind of funny. This has been my physical therapy entertainment for five months now.

Every once in a while I actually do put on make up. maybe it’s because the other cute, younger guy started coming in. You know that guy that has that little longer hair, that always forget something to put it up with and just so happens I always have an extra hair band right on my wrist. He’s always like, “hey babe can I borrow that hair bands?”  His little smile and wink added just to make me blush every so slightly. The 30 something year old who has this hot body doing push-ups Tony Horton P90X style. As I’m in my fantasy world I hear from across the room,  “hey Jamie we should go for a walk after physical therapy, I’ll take you out for a milkshake.” Huh? Walk? Milkshake? Ugh!!! Then the same questions asked every week like a record, do you have any kids? Are you married? Do you have a boyfriend? Last week I told him I was going to give girls a shot.

Truthfully, he’s harmless.He is relentless, but harmless. In physical therapy, I don’t know the proper protocol in asking what people are being treated for, so I don’t ask. My guess is stroke. Yesterday he asked me to guess his age. A game that took 5 minutes because I had to keep guessing numbers until I hit it instead of him actually saying no 58. He doesn’t look 58 so I’ll give him that. I know all about his life and more about his women then I want to know. I actually find him humorous at times. If I could get him to stop asking me out we’d be good, and if the cute 30 something hair band borrowers wants to get a vegan milkshake well…….


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