My second comfy chair

My second comfy chair

My brother-in-law recently lost his mother. She was very young, too young, as young as my own mom. A truly wonderful woman. I was very fortunate to know her and she brought up the most amazing young man who is my brother-in-law. He is one of a kind, so generous and understanding. Yet what I love the most about him is he’s a realist. He sees things for the truth of the actuality of the situation. He might not like a situation but he accepts the situation. This mindset makes for a person with a steady, even keel personality that doesn’t get confused by emotions. In all the time I’ve known him, which has been quite a while, I can’t remember him ever making a decision based on his emotions. It is a trait very few people have and one I completely admire. His handling of his mom’s passing was no different. Of course he is sad and mourning but he handled everything with such grace. His strength is something his mom would be proud of.

That being said, he gave me her chair that she had. This is one of those chairs that can fully lift you up into a standing position. Something my comfy chair currently can’t do. I did decide to keep my original chair in my living room and put the new one on the balcony for now. My big comfy chair. It was a perfect place.

Looks really nice. Now I can show you my true view from my balcony.

after i zoomed in

It is really nice. Now I’m going to go sit back and relax.

4 thoughts on “My second comfy chair

  1. That looks so comfortable and what a bonus that its a rise and recline. My mum has just replaced her recliner with a rise and recline – it will be so much better for her.

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