What’s happening in Multiple Experiences world

What’s happening in Multiple Experiences world

I’m doing a lot better with my new wheelchair now. I don’t love everything about the chair but I am consistently using it now. It turns horribly, I hate that. It is also difficult if you maneuver wrong and hit a wall. You can’t just do a simple correction. You have to move forward or back still hitting the wall to maneuver yourself off the wall, if that makes sense. The wheels that move this chair are in the middle not the back and it just doesn’t turn the same. I’m still trying to figure that out. However, it is better and I’m able to use the tips the OT therapists gave me to help me get in the chair when I’m tired. My wheelchair tips from the evaluators.

Speaking of OT, next week I am starting therapy in my home. I got the approval through my insurance. I never had therapy done in the home before. Actually I never had therapy other than at the place I went to since I stopped working 4+ years ago. I stopped going when Covid started. My neurologist agreed that it wasn’t needed for me to put myself at risk. I’m on Rituxan, sister to Ocrevus, and that weakens my immune system. When things started opening again, I still felt it was a risk but my neurologist would have had to clear it as well. It was actually my case manager at my insurance company who mentioned in home therapy. Once she got the scrips from my neurologist, she made it happen. We are approved for PT and OT but starting with OT. My evaluation is Monday.

Monday is also the first day my new aide is starting. I have no idea yet what time she will be working. I called the agency yesterday because they never called me. I was told it was all set. She knows about my dogs and was ready to start Monday morning. I asked what time. She said she had to confirm text and would call me right back. It’s been 24 hours and I’ve still heard nothing. Hopefully the aide is no reflexion on the company.

That’s what’s happening in my world, how are you doing?

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  1. Hi, First of all I want to thank you for your daily posts and letting the world know and understand the trials and challenges of living with progressive forms of MS, and more so doing that living alone. I too, live alone and have SPMS. Everyday is challenge, but I’m able to find the light and be appreciative of everyday I am granted here on this wonderful planet.
    Just today, after swimming laps at the local aquatic center, I rolled out to my car in an almost empty parking lot and as I stood up from my chair to put it in my vehicle it rolled away and down the parking lot. Oh sh.. now what do I do? luckily I had held on to my keys and was able to drag my body and legs into the driver’s seat and drive my car over to retrieve my chair. Just another day living with MS, the things others don’t see. Best to you – Dix

    1. Thank you Dix as horrible as that situation was I can totally relate. It actually made me laugh which is probably worse but I have had that happen with my rollators so many times. Thankfully you were able to able to retrieve it somewhat easily. Have a wonderful weekend. ?

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