A wheelchair function helped me off the floor

A wheelchair function helped me off the floor

My daughter is packing because she’s leaving today not tomorrow. My aide of three years had her last day with me yesterday. My new aide starts Monday and is working 11-7. Not exactly the hours I wanted to change them too but it is still is better than my original hours. I can now do my normal morning routine. I prefer working out when no one is around. I always did. Now I’ll have the morning to myself. What could go wrong?

Well today, I may have worked out a touch too long and was more tired than I realized. I went to transfer from my wheelchair to my comfy chair and it didn’t go so smoothly. I ended up misstepping and slide to the floor. Once there I couldn’t get myself myself back up. Great!!! Not a good sign for proving my point I’ll be fine on my own in the morning. Mikayla was still home and was helping me but I was spent on my energy level.

Then I had a genius idea. I got my knee on the kick plate of my wheelchair and threw my body over the seat. I used the chair’s lift feature that makes the chair go up and down. I was able to get myself into a standing position. Genius!!!! A game changer. Ok granted my body was in a super spasm when I finally was standing. The point was I WAS standing. Hopefully this won’t occur often because than I will have an issue but it was a great solution especially if I am alone.

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