The best concert I went to

The best concert I went to

My daughter is going to the governors Ball today. It sounds really fancy but it’s actually a concert. It’s on an island in New York City. Her boyfriend bought her and her best friend tickets for her birthday. It’s has a whole bunch of artist and I’m happy to say I don’t know any of them. I just know it has her favorite, Post Malone. I guess he’s popular because even as I was speaking this blog Siri new to capitalize that name. Just made me think about my glory days going to concerts.

I’ve seen U2 in concert probably 15 times. I’ve skipped the last three tours because it would’ve been too hard on me with my MS. Well one of them I had shingles for, but it still would’ve been hard. Of all those concerts, my favorite U2 concert I went to wasn’t a concert it was a movie. It was seeing Rattle and Hum at a drive-in theater.

Rattle and Hum was U2’s documentary on the road. Most song clips were from live performances. It was a summer night and all these cars were in front of this huge screen. Within minutes of the first song, people started getting out of their car and turning up their stereo. We were dancing and singing and interacting with each other having an absolute ball. It was an experience I’d never have again even at every live concert I went to. Nothing was like that night at the drive-in.

The drive-in is closed now. U2 is still touring. I just either got calmer, cheaper or maybe just appreciate them from afar. I’ve seen them enough times to know what to expect at a live concert and I am not sad about hanging up my live concert shoes. My ex-husband sent me some great live videos from the show he went to. Now it’s my daughters turn. She’s getting all ready for her all day event. I just pray that her and her friend and all the kids going are safe and enjoy the concert as it’s intended to be.

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  1. Good morning dear Jamie and thanks for sharing this nice, cute snipet about your family. We wish her a good concert experience too. If I love you , I have her to love her too. Speaking of U2, this week in the great FX series “The Americans” came to an end and in the climax scene they played “With or without you.” In order not to spoil it, I won’t tell you when that happened but it made the tragic situation of the parents all the more wrenching. I did cry. A lot. By the way, is it true there might be a scoundrel in Florida that dares to give some insolent finishing touches to your comments in his page? Awful ! Stay away from those bad boys. Trouble.
    Un baccione. Arrivederci!

    1. I watched the end already and where that song has been in many shows and movies, I too also broke out in a tear at the end of the song.
      The bad boy is married and moved to another state. We have no contact but the scars were left making me better today then I was.

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