Your thoughts create your world-money issues

Your thoughts create your world-money issues

I’ve worked on my issues with money for the past few years with my life coach. I use to live in fear. I was in complete credit card debit, couldn’t afford most things I bought and was always in fear I would never have enough. Guess what? I never had enough. My life coach had helped me to change the way I look at my money. I used a mantra all the time, and still do, money is easy and abundant. I let the fear go. I got smart moved credit card bills to 0 interest cards and cancelled cards I didn’t need. My credit was so bad my step dad had to co-sign my car with me.

It’s two years later and I’m happy to report, I can pay all my monthly bills without issue. My credit card bills are paid. I even got a copy of my credit score yesterday which was at 745 a solid B rating. I changed the ways I thought of money and became grateful for the money I had. I even became grateful for the money I spent.

I read a blog that explains this idea even better than I can. This is the link.

It’s call Pivoting when you check in with yourself and realize your thoughts/behaviors/beliefs/feelings are not in alignment with what you want. For example: You want to be OUT of debt but every part of you is obsessed with the debt your in. Law of attraction…feelings and thoughts attract same outcomes. You attract more debt. This video Esther Hicks explains how to make small mental pivots to change these negative thoughts.

Your thoughts create your world.

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