Deepak and Oprah’s FREE 21 day meditation

Deepak and Oprah’s FREE 21 day meditation

I received this from my life coach yesterday. I was about to forward this to two of my sisters and thought my blog readers could use this as well. So I am forwarding this too you as well. Come join me on a 21 day meditation journey. I started today too so we can all do it together.

I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that Oprah and Deepak are offering their FREE 21 Day Meditation Experience again.  This time the topic is Energy of Attraction.

It started yesterday but it’s not too late to join and start from the beginning.  (I think you have until Friday to access Day 1.)

I’ve done the first two days (although I confess that today I stopped 5 minutes before the meditation was over), and I’m already benefitting from it so I felt the need to share.  The 4 “journal” questions from Day 1 about understanding our desires were really cool and definitely worth checking out.

I’m not affiliated with this program— I just really look forward to it each time it comes around and want make sure you’re aware of it in case you’re interested.

No Pressure!

If you feel like checking it out here is the link:

It’s free to join but know that you will get an email from them every day until you unsubscribe 🙂

Happy Meditating!



2 thoughts on “Deepak and Oprah’s FREE 21 day meditation

  1. This is my 3rd free 21 day meditation with Oprah and Deepak and I love it! Some days I do better than others but I continue to try!
    I love tha it sets the tone for the day!

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