Life without coffee, I don’t think so.

Life without coffee, I don’t think so.

That is not a life for me. It isn’t even the caffeine that I need, although I am addicted to that now, it is the taste. Ever since I was young I loved the taste of coffee. When I’d go anywhere with my mom if they had coffee, I’d ask for it. She’d give me a cup of milk with a splash of coffee. I’d always try to sneak more in my cup.

For as much as I love the taste of coffee, I don’t like coffee ice cream, candies, or anything coffee flavored. I don’t know why. I only like my hot coffee or my cold coffee. I can drink either or preferring based on weather.

This might be the silliest blog but it is truly one of my everyday rituals as sure as waking up. The taste of coffee and the smell of brewing coffee are two of my favorite things and those are just another multiple experiences in my day with MS. Those are just good ones.

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  1. I don’t think it’s strange to like coffee but not coffee ice cream or anyrhylike that. They are two completely different animals. I LOVE the smell of brewing coffee

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