I’m responsible for what I perceive

I’m responsible for what I perceive

I had an epiphany while reading May Cause Miracles yesterday       I decided what I perceive when I look in the mirror. Pretty profound huh? It really shouldn’t of been. I’ve been doing this for a while. A 3 year student of A Course In Miracles this idea is taught everyday. I guess something just click for me yesterday and it all made sense. When I look in a mirror, I decide what I see. It’s my perception of myself that stares back no one elses. I can think she looks fat, pretty, ugly, sad, beautiful etc. I am the person who puts the adjective out into the universe. If I decide I look beautiful chances are I will feel beautiful and most people will see me as beautiful. The reverse adjective it true if I see myself as dumpy of fat. I’m putting that out into the world and without even knowing it the thought creates the feeling and the feeling creates the illusion perceived by yourself and others. It’s so simple, okay it sounds so simple, right?

How do we do that when your not feeling beautiful or handsome ( pick any description you want)? Fake it until you make it should be a motto we all use. Instead of looking in the mirror and attacking ourselves for everything that’s wrong maybe try to find all the things that are right. Like wow this shirt color rocks on me or my hair is awesome today. Maybe it is something silly like like how cute I look when I dance around or I can hop on one leg still how fun am I. The point is to look in the mirror and compliment away. Notice all the amazing things about you because there are many about all of us instead of all the things we don’t like.

It is our own thoughts that make our perceptions of the world we see. It is our thoughts that make us doubt ourselves.  It’s time to look in the mirror and perceive our greatness not our flaws. It is time to take ownership in our thoughts. It’s time to love ourselves.


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