Spiritual session Saturday-A Course in Miracles

Spiritual session Saturday-A Course in Miracles

This book has changed my life. I’ve talked about it many times in my blog. You can purchase the book on Amazon very easily or there is an app for the workbook lessons. There are 365 lessons and you do one a day. However today I wanted to share with you an Instagram feed of my life coach who I’ve been with for a few years now. She started on January 1st posting the lessons but more importantly discussing the lessons to help understand them. We are only on day five so it’s easy to catch up. You can find the lessons in her stories if you click on her profile picture. https://instagram.com/alyssalucyy?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=1g9ljvqmnvnb7

If you were ever thinking about changing how you view the world and your own thoughts this is a great way to start. I have done the lessons 3 times now and i still learn each time. Happy Saturday.

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