Spiritual session Saturday-Don’t sweat the small stuff

Spiritual session Saturday-Don’t sweat the small stuff

I was on vacation. It was my first vacation, other than Florida with family, in years. You can read about it in any of my past weeks blogs. I had to come back early due to the chance of inclement weather in NY. Inclement weather that as of this morning now looks like rain and not snow. I just couldn’t risk not getting home by our anticipated date of Sunday because my daughter is due back at her school to resume classes by Wednesday. We looked to leave a day later if we had to but the plane was already booked. The choice was come home early on Friday or take the chance with the weather and hope all is fine for your plane on Sunday.

It was tough to make the decision especially since we were celebrating my mom and step dads 40th anniversary and we planned something for them that had to be canceled. However, here’s the important part, I had to do it and I made a choice. The chances of the plane on Sunday being fine is very probable and as the forecast changes looking more likely. I could sit here and mope and be upset that I left my vacation but what would be the point. It’s done!!! I can’t change that fact. So don’t sweat it. It’s not worth putting yourself in turmoil when you can’t change the outcome. If I didn’t need to be back and a I decided to gamble it would’ve been the same mentality just would’ve been there. If I got home great if I don’t get home that’s OK. Right now I know my daughters going to leave on Tuesday and be at her classes on Wednesday and that was my priority. Therefore the weather became insignificant. Whatever happens tomorrow whether we get 10 inches or it rains doesn’t matter. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

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