What I learned on my trip

What I learned on my trip

There was no bad weather in NY that my vacation was cut short. However, today it is 5 degrees with a real feel temperature of negative 15. Yet I’m comfortable and was freezing in Mexico, what was that about?

My trip was great but there was things that would have made things easier for me I guess I know now if there is ever a next time. One of my biggest obstacles was the bed. They gave me a step stool but it was a kids step stool and it didn’t give me enough of a lift to get up onto the bed if my legs were tired. My daughter had to help. This was a problem in the middle of the night when I went to the bathroom and she was sleeping.

The other problem with the bed was getting up from it. I don’t always have the muscles to turn over and get off the bed. At home I have the bar to pull myself up. I needed that for this bed. I get spasms in the morning my legs become useless until I move around. I needed help to get off the bed. Unfortunately the time it took me getting off this bed did cause a bathroom accident one night.

The other issue was being in and out of a wheelchair. The place wasn’t really handicap friendly to some degree. Everywhere I went I was in the wheelchair I had to get out of the wheelchair. Whether it was to sit at the table to eat or to lay on the daybed with my family it was a lot of up and down for me. Plus I needed to be pushed everywhere I’d prefer a motorized wheelchair for my independence.

The place was beautiful. My family was amazing as always. I am glad to be back in my more comfortable surroundings, is that terrible? I know what I need if I take a trip again in the future so I guess that’s a good lesson learned. I didn’t know what to plan for and now I do. Another lesson in a day in the life with MS.

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  1. I think it is great that you can learn some lessons from your trip, although I am sorry to hear that you struggled. All the up and downing can really wreak havoc on our muscles and fatigue. I frequently have a sigh of relief when I get ho,e from a day out or trip so you are not alone there!

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