But it isn’t even 11am…

But it isn’t even 11am…

I was so happy to have nothing to do today. This week has been long already. However within the first hour of waking I realized things weren’t going to be as smooth as I would have liked. It started with a notification from Quest Labs. That is just one of the labs out here I do bloodwork at. Since my last bloodwork was done with my doctor on Tuesday at LabCorp I was curious what this was. It was on the culture for my abscess I’ve been waiting for and calling about for the past three days. Great I got the results to my Quest Lab App. So I quickly log on for the results we’ve been waiting for which stated “test not performed, specimen was received in an expired container”. WTF. You’ve got to be kidding me. How does a doctor’s office screw that up? I have no words. I spent the next half hour making calls for an infectious disease doctor as recommended by my neurologist. The good part is I have an appointment on Monday and the secretary was so nice. She is going to gather all my records from my doctor, dermatologist and neurologist before I come so they have all the information on the blisters and abscess. An expired container. You can’t make this up.

Then I’m opening the mail and my daughter has a letter that her insurance is ending as of November 30. Oh, No, what is this???? Sure enough I completely forgot to do her recertification for her insurance. I don’t remember seeing anything for her recertification but I also didn’t remember to look. This was something I did as a job before I stopped working so you’d think I would know. I quickly updated her information and she was eligible again but because I was late she will still have a little hiccup in her benefits. Geez. Not something that I normally forget about.

It is not even 11 and I’m exhausted again. So much for an easy day. I didn’t even do my exercises yet. I’m hoping today continues uneventfully now. I think I put out the fires. My birthday is tomorrow ?.

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