Happy Birthday to me

Happy Birthday to me


Another year has gone by and another number added to my years alive. I certainly am not complaining. I am actually grateful. Things were really good this year. My life was completely changed by many people, friends, family and others that barely know me contributing to my fundraiser for my van.

This was at the perfect time when walking with my walker was becoming too difficult. This van gave me freedom. I was able to conserve energy that I was wasting walking from place to place. I was able to go into stores again that I gave up on long ago, like a dollar store or a pharmacy. I went back into a supermarket instead of having food delivered all the time. It might sound silly but to me it was a big deal. I was able to move around in the world again. I started that fundraiser last year for my birthday and a year later it was that fundraiser and all those people that changed my life. I thank each of them everyday for their support and contribution. This van has had the greatest impact on my year making it so much easier.

We did a few things to make my condo more accessible. Each thing we did has helped simplify my life. My bathroom door has been enlarged so my wheelchair can now fit. Definitely much easier especially when I am tired. The new ramp onto my balcony was a major help for me. I can now clean up after my pups without having to get on the floor worrying how I’m going to get up.

See my new rug? That was laid down as another precaution so I don’t slip when I get up from my chair.

My family, as always, has been an unbelievable support system for me. My extended family, pseudo family, adopted family and inherited family have all been part of my backbone keeping me strong each day. My daughter who is the brightest star in the sky continues to make me proud everyday day. She has also grown so much this past year. My four footed babies who love unconditionally and never fail to keep me company when I have both good and bad days. The love of people around me is the greatest feeling. I couldn’t ask for more.

It’s my birthday today. I’m celebrating with my nail appointment by my beautiful friend Angie, making my aid exercise with me (always a funny experience) and having my favorite hamburger dinner with my mom and stepdad. In between I’ll get lots of snuggles with my dogs and calls from family and friends. Happy Birthday to me.


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