A very happy birthday

A very happy birthday

My birthday was really nice. My friend Angie actually surprise me with vegan muffins and a candle at my nail salon. That was a very embarrassing display but a very sweet one. I think she was more surprised when I explained to her that I haven’t been even eating vegan. I change diet so often who the hell could keep up anyway. That was my first candle of the day. Good thing she gave me that because my second candle I had a light myself. Neither my mom or my stepdad could figure out how to work the lighter to light the candle on my almond horn cookie. I’m not sure if wishes count when you light your own candle. I only wished that my calories consumed over the evening didn’t count.Since my almond horn cookie was not on any diet plan and neither was my hamburger with peanut butter and jelly sauce on Texas toast that I enjoyed as my birthday dinner. Both delicious and worth the calorie consumption.

I ended up getting money as gifts to be applied to my Apple Watch I purchased earlier in the month My Apple Watch. Yet I also had some unexpected surprises. My aid bought me a well needed foot spa.

She is the one that gives me pedicures due to ugly nail fungus so this was a great gift from her.

I got soft, warm and most importantly non slip socks for the house

Yet my favorite and biggest surprise was flowers from my sister, nephew and niece in San Francisco. I think this was the most amazing flowers I ever received. Absolutely loved this. ❤️❤️. It was a really good birthday. See you next year.

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