My daughter’s spiritual journey

My daughter’s spiritual journey

  • My daughter is starting on her own spiritual journey. It is amazing to watch. Months ago she started talking to my life coach and things have started to click for her recently. This last semester was a semester of growth. She had many obstacles she needed to deal with on a personal level and she came out of each incident stronger. The most amazing thing was she broke up with her high school boyfriend. A boy she was with for almost 5 years. A nice guy but the wrong guy for her. Over the course of their relationship they had so many ridiculous fights, countless breakups, and she cried enough tears to fill a river. However nothing ever lasted more than a day. She’d be a nutcase without him and he only wanted her. It was an exhausting toxic relationship that went on for years and I dealt with every single disagreement and breakup they had. In all honesty I was worried my daughter would be suicidal without him. I lived with this fear for years dealing with their relationship terrified he’d breakup with her for good and she’d be devastated. For her to breakup with him and not even look back was such a shocking thing to everyone who knows her. She didn’t even really tell me either and she tells me everything. She mentioned about seeing signs to end the relationship. This was the day before she came home for her Thanksgiving Break. The night she came home, she told him. She just finally realized for herself what everyone has been saying all along. For the first time in years my daughter was ready to stand on her own.
  • She had some male attention, which may have helped, but it wasn’t the reason for the breakup. She did met a guy but that didn’t turn out quite how she would have liked. This is her first time dealing with men like this so she has a little learning curve. I tried to tell her after her long relationship she needs some time to figure out who Mikayla is without the boyfriend because that is really all she’s known since 10th grade. Now she is in agreement and is more into her spiritual self.
  • She is doing the manifestation challenge with me from Gabby Bernstein and she is very into the Tarot cards. I just bought her a set. We cleaned the set with sage and she said a prayer over them. I use to be very into the Tarot cards and I helped her interpret her first spread. We did a traditional Celtic spread that was so dead on to her life she had tears in her eyes. I, myself, was amazed at the cards. I let her do a reading on me asking a similar question. In a 78 card deck after shuffling and cutting, my spread had 6 out of 10 identical card to her spread in different positions. Crazy!!!
  • She is doing ok and I’m so proud of her. If she could learn to see life like I do now in my 40’s she will have a beautiful life. It is so amazing to see her little transformations each day as she begins her own journey. When you release the negativity the world just brings in so much love around you and I want that for her. She has so much support from her family and great spiritual teachers to help her every step of the way. I ask for the universe to light the path for her footsteps as she continues to walk.
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    1. It’s great to hear that your daughter is making some life-changing decisions on her own and taking control of her own happiness. You must be so proud of her 🙂

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