My manifestation challenge

My manifestation challenge

My manifestation challenge is one week complete. I’ve done every exercise each day aligning myself with the universe. Yesterday was about asking for a sign that you are on the right track. My sign is always my 22 in strange places, meaning I can’t be looking at some clock in my house waiting for the time to reach 22 minutes passed the hour. Too easy. It has to be something random. My sign can also be my 1122. If I’m asking for a sign from the universe and my 1122 shows, I interpret this as a definitive answer to my question without any doubt. It shows me not only am I on the right track, I am fully supported by all of the outside forces. 1122 is my angel number as well so it gives me great strength seeing this when I ask for a sign.

My manifesting goal is to love my body. To rid myself of the weight I carry in stress over the number on the scale. To free myself of the constant torment and judgement I’ve placed on myself. To eat healthy and exercise and trust myself I’m doing the right thing. I already had my plan in place as far as an eating program. I always exercise. Now it was the mental part. I not only visualize myself thinner but feel myself lighter. I mentally remove the weight that I carry on my shoulders weighing me down when it comes to the scale and that number. Eventually the number will match the work I am doing and that is my honest belief.

Yesterday I had to ask for a sign. That was the exercise. I took a few minutes quietly breathing in for a count of 5 holding for a count of 5 and breathing out for a count of 5. I repeated this sequence until I felt more relaxed and inline with the universe and asked for my sign that I was on the right track. For me, since I’ve been doing this a while, I don’t have to specify my sign anymore but you can if you want to. Sure enough I was watching some shows that I had on DVR, and I’m one of my shows the people were coming back and show them coming back and the time was exactly 1122. You might be saying but it was a time on a clock? The reason why this isn’t considered a time on the clock and an actual sign is because the show was the real housewives of Atlanta. There really is no reason that they show times unless something happens after that they need to show what time they got backward before the fight etc. This time they just showed what time they got back to the hotel and the scene was over. The time had no relevance to the show. Not to mention this was something I recorded a couple weeks ago and yesterday I decided to watch it. That’s how signs work. It was an odd thing that the time was shown for no reason, odder still I decided to watch that program on my DVR when I have tons of shows to watch and oddest that’s it was the sign asked to receive. That is how it works.

I am on the right track and my weight will come off when it is ready. For now I am going to continue on WW eating healthy, exercising and tracking my food. I will not be discouraged anymore by the weekly number at the weigh-in. I am going to love my body at this stage and every stage for the unbelievably strong machine it is.

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