Defensive driving course for wheelchairs

Defensive driving course for wheelchairs

My daughter always says I can’t drive. She doesn’t mean my car, she is talking about my wheelchair. I have had a few mishaps and rolled over a few feet and possibly a paw or two. In my defense they weren’t paying attention to my lack of direction and could have moved out of the way faster. However looking around my condo, I might see evidence to support her argument….

Bathroom door I got stuck on
Hole in closet door
Other side of bathroom door that I’ve been stuck on
Yup all me
Extending all down my hallway
Yup, I did this too.

I didn’t even take pictures of the kitchen and the two cabinet doors that I pulled off and had to have repaired or the bottom part of the refrigerator that I broke off.

I am starting to think I need to participate in a defensive driving course for wheelchairs. Maybe if I take the course I could get a 10% discount on wall repairs.

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