Dinner and a movie

Dinner and a movie

This couch potato found a fellow couch potato friend right in my building. Through the activities I do in my condo I made friends. Lovely people that I can call and socialize with weekly. This was another aspect of living in a condo that I was hoping for that actually came to be. I met a lot of these people in the game day club set up for those that are retired or don’t work anymore. I was a little younger than everyone but truthfully it started to not matter and I actually made friendships. Most of the people I actually love and laugh with a lot.

One in particular is very much like me, sarcastic yet nice and funny. We clicked from the beginning. She is an avid TV watcher like me and we discuss shows we watch. The other night I invited her to watch a movie. I have the Amazon Firecube and lots of choices she doesn’t have. We ordered in Chinese food and watched Fall from Grace from Tyler Perry which is actually on Netflix. It was really good. Supposedly he wrote the screenplay in like 4 hours. That’s why he is a millionaire writer and director.

It was fun to have a fellow couch potato hang out for the night. Plus she had a very easy way back home. Too bad my Marshy isn’t good with other dogs otherwise her dog could have come up too. Today I play mahjong with another group of ladies in the building. I just love everything about where I live.

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