My Medicine Cabinet of Old Pills

My Medicine Cabinet of Old Pills

This is week two that I am am starting cancel my activities. The extreme fatigue has not left nor given relief. My prescription has been changed from Adderall to Provigil but the pharmacy had to order the drug. It should be ready today. I found a bottle of slightly out of date pills in my medicine cabinet so I started taking them as of Saturday. Unfortunately, it hasn’t helped. I’m hoping it is just because they are out of date. I would think that the only downside to an out of date meditation is its effectiveness.

I keep a lot of my pills relating to MS. I currently take 100mg of gabapentin but I have had in my medicine cabinet 800, 600, 400 and 300mg. I have Toviaz in the 4mg, but I now take 8mg. I also have Detrol and Oxybutynin because they didn’t work great for me and I went back to Toviaz but I keep them as backups. I have boxes of my relpax because I only get 6 a month. I try to not take them unless I absolutely MUST for my migraine but every month I refill my prescription just Incase. I do the same thing with my water pills. I’m supposed to take them daily which I can’t. If I go out I’d having accidents all the time but I make sure to refill monthly resulting in a huge surplus.

When I moved I finally through out a whole bunch of medicines that I’ve collected through the years, mostly the gabapentin. Now it is somewhat better but I still keep a lot, just in case. I just put the Adderall away with the rest of them. My little sister told me she does the same thing which made me feel better. I have had to use them periodically so I’m glad they were there. The Provigil was the perfect example. I didn’t even realize I had it, unopened expired bottle. I do tend to go back to many pills I was once on or tried. After 22 years, it became habit.

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