Free as the wind, I did that!!!

Free as the wind, I did that!!!

I use to love being on the boat with my dad. I loved the water being free like that with the wind blowing in your hair. If you love the water you know that feeling I’m talking about. I missed that feeling for a long time until I got on the back of a motorcycle. God I loved being on that motorcycle. This was the one thing I only did with one ex boyfriend and something I’ll never do again. I physically could never get on a motorcycle, I can’t even get on a bicycle even if it is a stationary one. I’m glad I can say I did that, I was on a motorcycle.

I must admit when I think of those times I smile. It was nice to wrap my arms around his body as we would take off. I felt safe on the bike even though I was completely exposed from all sides. I trusted him as a rider. I knew fully well he was a kamikaze driver when I wasn’t on the back of that bike but never when I was behind him. I felt so safe yet so free. The wind was blowing all around me like when I was on the boat.

I remember one time we were riding on the parkway. My glasses kept slipping so I’d let go to fix them. I was balanced but we were going fast. Finally he grabbed my hand to hold it around him in place. On the bike, especially when on a parkway, conversation wasn’t so easy. As soon as we were off and at a light I got scolded for letting go of him like that. I laugh because I remember how safe I felt behind him but it was he who knew the true danger of a motorcycle.

Well my days of riding on the back of a motorcycle are done. Truthfully I’m pretty sure my days of boating are done too. It is a reason I love where I live I get to watch the boats and hear the motorcycles as soon as the weather gets nice. I’m not envious because I have my memories and I can take myself back there quite easily. They are all happy memories. Hell yeah, I did that.

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