A lovely weekend

A lovely weekend

Another Monday, they seem to come fast. I had a really nice weekend. My stepdad was here on Saturday for our weekly visit. Love that he comes every week to spend time with me. We pick a show to watch together and each week we watch a few episodes. We just finished How to Fix a Drug Scandal on Netflix. We both liked it a lot. We’ve watched Schitt’s Creek, The Watchman, The Staircase and started Veep (I already watched them all and he didn’t love them). We love true crime stuff so I think next is Long Shot, also on Netflix. Although I could probably put on anything with forensic science too and we’d be happy.

Sunday my friend and his daughter came over to meet Minx. His daughter is the sweetest little girl. I just adore her. Plus she loves not only the puppies but Mikayla. They decided to give both puppies a bath.

It really just doesn’t get cuter than this. We all had a really nice time.

Minx is a super dog. He’s not even 10 weeks yet and we are already down to once per night to let him potty. ONCE!!!! He has been sleeping from 10-4. He gets up early, usually around 7 but that’s ok. I’ve been ok getting up that early. He’s just so good. His only “accident” this whole weekend was one poop on the floor. Otherwise everything was on the wee wee pads. It just has made everything so much easier that I get to enjoy him and bond. He is just a mush ball and is definitely becoming my dog. He likes to ride on the bottom of my foot pad when I’m in my scooter. He will also curl up in there to sleep if I’m in the chair for a while. Unfortunately, I’m still in the old chair and the new chair he won’t have room. Oh well he’ll be bigger too, eventually.

Today I’m getting my nails done. First time since March. They are all short and brittle. I had gel nails for so many years, my nails probably needed the break. It will take months until they grow and have any strength again. I will break the artificial nails until my real nail grows. Then I’ll break those when I fall. Lol

I hope you had a lovely weekend. It is another hot but beautiful day in NY. Be grateful for the sunshine.

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