Joining the MS Gym membership

Joining the MS Gym membership

I’m changing things up. I canceled my Les Mills on demand. I have not yet decided if i will cancel Beachbody. There are many programs i use that I have modified to fit my needs. However, I started the MS gym one month BGB boot camp trial I am planning on joining as a member after. Truthfully the price of the monthly membership is high, more than I pay for all my on demand workout programs. The reason why I want to change is this guy knows his stuff. He knows MS. He knows the body. He understands our limitations. His programs and workouts are designed to strengthen the MS body for MS improvement. He is like physical therapy on demand. You can find many of his videos on YouTube for free, but it is not the same as the website.

I’ve also have spent some time searching YouTube for seated cardio workouts more suited for me. I’ve found a ton of workouts although not all of them have been great. However, the ones I’ve found have been really good. This is what made me cancel the Les Mills app. I just found workouts that did more for me. The problem is they are short. Guess what? So is BGB boot camp workouts with the MS gym. So I’m going to start combining 20 minutes cardio 20 minutes strength. Something very different for me when working out. Since I’m only on day 1 some videos may actually be longer in boot camp and I’ll adjust according but I’m excited for a change and new challenge. My goal is a healthier me. I’d love to loose 20lbs especially since I gained weight. I just am done focusing on that. I’m changed my diet back to plant based Going back to Plant based eating and changing how I move my body. It is time to be the best me inside, outside and all around.

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