U2 and Linkin Park my life’s soundtracks

U2 and Linkin Park my life’s soundtracks

I grew up a HUGE fan of U2. I had them plastered all over my walls, purchased everything I could get my hands on, saw many concerts. I was one of those crazy fans who even stood outside entrance doors hoping to catch a glimpse of them. If there was an event Bono was at in NY, chances were I was there if I could be. I met 3 of 4 band members. I remember telling the Edge, thank you for being the soundtrack to my life for the past 25 years. It was true, they really were. I liked a lot of other bands, but U2 caught all my moods. They were the root of so many memories in my teens, twenty’s and early thirties. That’s a long time.

Approaching my mid thirties things started to change in my life. Especially in my marriage. Things weren’t going well. My boss, at the time, and I became very close. We were the same age, went to the same college, knew some similar people, married with one kid, etc. He and I just got each other in that period of time. We would go to the bank for the deposits and ride around talking. He introduced me to Meteora from Linkin Park. I was hooked. It was a lot different than U2 but appealed to me on a darker side. Each song seemed to be written for me. It allowed me to be angry.

As my thirties progressed, that darker side of me definitely emerged. I got divorced at 35. I became friends with a group of girls all going through the same thing. We were all trying to find ourselves again and not going about it in the healthiest ways. My alter ego Raven was let out. We laugh about it now but some of our nights out were crazy. Some of our friendships didn’t last when the dust settled. During this time, music wise, U2 was never on my playlist. I was always listening to Linkin Park or Red a band that has a similar anger like scream to Linkin Park.

When life calmed down again and I entered my 40’s I was still fully hooked on Linkin Park. Other than a new released U2 album, I never listened to what was my favorite band. I still have all my bootlegs and pictures hanging but I’d get in the car and Linkin Park would play. Then U2 got a channel on XM radio and I started listening. Once again remembering why I loved them. I almost canceled my subscription and was happy I didn’t. Yesterday I watched an old Linkin Park concert and I am by myself banging my head. Nothing compares to them. Two totally different bands and two totally different times in my life. Reasons to cherish both. However in my later life, Linkin Park is my soundtrack. RIP Chester Bennington

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