Migraines and Auras

Migraines and Auras

First let me say it is difficult to write my blog in my current position.

Minx likes to snuggle in my neck. I am not complaining because they are so cute. Plus I’m not having a good day and I need a lot of love.

I woke up tired and with a migraine. Not a good combination. The weather in New York is not only warm but humid. Weather, Infusion or just fatigue. I was doing my MS gym exercises and sweating profusely. I have to go around and shut every window in the condo if I want to turn on the AC again. I didn’t want to do that too much work. I am finally coming down from overheating during my workout but I’m far from feeling well.

I have an aura. It’s in my left eye. It is line I got oil on my eyelashes. In my peripheral vision I have these oily distorted visions. Have you ever looked at a propane gas tank as it is turned on? Sometimes you can almost see the gas and it makes this distorted view. That’s how my auras are, like a gas slick in my vision. They have gotten so bad to the point the field vision actually gets dark but that’s an extreme case. Otherwise it’s the oily slick vision. It’s always been like this too. I remember my very first one driving home in major traffic thinking something was on my eye. I kept rubbing my eyes. Then the headache came. That was so many years ago. Amazing how the aura never changed.

Anyway I am hot, tired, have a headache and I’m having stomach issues. This is not going to be a great day. On a happy note F1 is racing this weekend. That definitely makes me smile a little bit. Have a great weekend.

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  1. Woke up w/a headache and upset stomach. Haven’t done anything all day except take tylenol and sit in my chair. It’s hot here still but no humidity

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