Weather, Infusion or just fatigue

Weather, Infusion or just fatigue

Yesterday was so rough. Like complete physical exhaustion rough. Wishing I didn’t have to use the bathroom rough. Each time I had to get up was so much effort. Is this still from the infusion? Or is this from the weather change? We’ve had some crazy weather changes over the last week in New York. One day it was 70° then all of a sudden it dropped to 50° I actually had the heat on one day. I was bundled up in my sweatshirts. Then it goes back up to 80° yesterday. All my windows are open again. My house is registering at 71°. That’s just crazy weather changes. I know that my body can definitely get run down as it changes from season to season. My physical therapist used to explain it to me all the time when all of a sudden exercises I was doing became difficult to complete.

Then I look back at some of my older blogs after Rituxan infusions. I have definitely needed a couple of weeks to bounce back after these Infusion. I even told people right off the bat that it usually takes me two weeks or so to normalize after I get this done. This is currently the second week. I just was feeling ok for a few days so I thought I was through that part. This feeling of fatigue could very well be still from the aftermath of Rituxan. Every time it is a little different. At least I had no skin rashes or blisters.

Which ever it is weather, Infusion or a combo of both it doesn’t matter. I’m tired, my body is tired and it is what it is. I still worked out because that is not an option. It was far from my best workout but at least I got my body moving. I think today we’re going to take the dogs out for a little walk. That includes Minx who never walked on a leash so that should be entertaining. Then I’ll be back relaxing trying to conserve my energy. Not much else I can do.

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