I’m chatting with my stepmom yesterday and the conversation about my aide comes up. First like everyone else is the question of an aide for the weekend. I am still not there as I’ve told every other family member who wants me to have the coverage. Then she asks me what about at night? To which I make the mistake of replying, “I don’t need an aide at night. I haven’t had a fall in ages. ” I immediately say knock on wood because it is just something that you know are words that shouldn’t have left your mouth.

I kid you not, 3:30 this am I’m using the bathroom. As always I use my rollator at night not my wheelchair. I do my business but I knew I dropped my TV remote. I sleep with the TV every night so I definitely needed that. I even tried to be safe and picked up my grippers to get it from the floor. I probably should’ve just bent down. Somehow, I lost balance I went flying with the walker, the grippers, all the other items on my walker, my water which spilled over onto me. This was an actual fall. Not a slide, not a transfer mishap, an actual fall. My Apple Watch didn’t register anything. It’s a good thing I like this watch because it’s certainly isn’t doing what I initially bought it for.

As I’m laying there both the dogs now are all over me. Anytime I’m on the floor they think it’s playtime. Thankfully I didn’t hit anything when I fell over. If I fell the other way I would’ve hit my nightstand. I wasn’t hurt. I was able to get back up pretty easily because my body was well rested. As the words were leaving my mouth, I knew I shouldn’t of said that yesterday. I just had to share that story today. I couldn’t believe it happened. 

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