One of those mornings

One of those mornings

I’m having one of those mornings. I started sneezing yesterday and woke up not feeling great. I decided to sleep in which was until about 8:45 when Zoey decided it was time for kisses. My friend and fellow blogger just lost one of her dogs yesterday and it was weighing heavy on my heart. RIP sweet Tiger ????. I was happy to have the kisses from Zoey. I was up anyway Just as soon as my feet hit the floor things just went wrong. That was my morning.

First I got my wheelchair caught between my bed and dresser as I went to clean the doggy areas. I just couldn’t seem to navigate my controls correctly. Then Minx peed on the floor. He has been so good with his potty training I forget he is still only 5 months old. I was just so shocked. In cleaning up that, Zoey was off to the other side throwing up bile. She hasn’t even had breakfast yet. I haven’t even made it to my bathroom yet. Like WTF is going on around here.

After I take care of that as I’m leaving my bedroom I drop my phone. As I go to pick it up, I knocked over my giant water jug. Water goes all over me, the floor, my phone. Thankfully my phone is waterproof because that was saturated. My sock was soaked but I just couldn’t be bothered to deal with trying to get socks on my feet.

I still was having control issues on my wheelchair because I was like bumper cars on all my hallways going to my kitchen. I even got myself caught on the refrigerator pulling that all out that I had to go around to the other side and use the wheelchair’s power to move it back. I was happy when I was finally able to exercise.

Every morning for the last 3 months I’ve used my fire cube internet browser to load the MS Gym. EVERY MORNING!!! Today it says that the servers IP address can’t be found. I tried clearing the cookies, data, cache and rebooting the fire cube. I checked my phone internet and the actual app. I had no problem anywhere else but the one place I use everyday. I tried for over 45 minutes going through the internet advance settings. I’d even get my program page to load only to show the same error message when I got to my day’s activity. I was so frustrated. I finally just did my cardio via YouTube which worked fine.

I now will sit and play with the tv for god knows how long trying to figure out what went wrong. Needless to say, it was one of those mornings.

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