Starting to feel more like myself

Starting to feel more like myself

I think I’m through the worst of the infusion side effects now, more or less. I didn’t have the greatest weekend. By the end of the days my legs felt very weak. I did sleep on my chair both nights. Thankfully I did because Saturday night, without my water pill, I was still up every two hours to use the bathroom. My legs would have been too weak to get me up and down into my bed. I made the right call to sleep on my chair. Its a good thing I’m so comfortable there.

Sunday I had one of my migraines but it’s been a few weeks since I had one of those. I am not complaining. I don’t really think it was infusion related. This was, however, one of the first times I actually napped trying to rid myself of the pain. It didn’t help although I did actually sleep. I finally took one of my migraine pills which eventually worked. Even though I slept well last night, I woke up today with the slight ping of the migraine. I did not totally disappear. I can still feel it right behind my eyes. I can’t take my migraine pills back to back so I can only hope for the best.

I’m getting back into normal schedule and that starts with occupational therapy this morning. I already did my MS gym exercises and now I’m waiting for my therapist. I’m ready for a good workout today despite the ping behind my eyes. Happy Monday to all.

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