Covid exposure

Covid exposure

I’ve been basically tucked away for the last 6 months. Limiting my outings, visits and exposure to people. I’ve lived in hibernation even when restrictions were lifted to a degree in New York. I still was exposed to the virus from the biggest germ-a-phob I know. This person was crazy about germs way before Covid came along. She would kill you if you kissed her and had a sniffle. She was sanitizing and wiping common areas way before that became the norm. It goes to show you that if she could get it anyone could get it.

Unfortunately, she did get it and I saw her two weeks ago from this Tuesday coming up. My mom saw her two weeks ago Wednesday. I’ve saw my stepdad Saturday. More importantly I did my infusion Saturday. My younger sister was here yesterday. It’s all just bad.

I feel fine at least Covid fine. I feel like crap from my infusion. I don’t know if it is even worth taking a test. It either is or isn’t. I’ll know if symptoms come. It goes to show you no matter how careful you are, it can still find you. Please stay safe.

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