Live from the living room floor

Live from the living room floor

This blog is coming to you live from my living room floor. I did not make my transfer well after my exercises and slid off of my comfy chair. I was in perfect position to get myself up but knew I had one shot at it. My legs failed and back down I went. After flopping around on the floor trying to change positions, I finally gave up. My aide will be here soon I don’t think my puppies mind too much. Although they are making it difficult to write my blog.

I was tired this morning, still feeling the effects of the infusion. I did my exercises in reverse because I was not feeling great. I did cardio first than the MS gym stuff. In hindsight probably not the smartest thing. The MS gym is like a warm up to get my body moving. There is a lot of functional exercises that aren’t strenuous but can be tough. I was too tired after cardio and I just fatigued myself even further. I knew better.

I knew I should stay in my wheelchair for a bit and relax. I just get so determined to do things, convinced I can. I’m frustrated when I can’t. It seems that list of things I can’t do is getting longer and longer. No matter what I do, how hard I try, how hard I fight, it makes no difference. That’s what’s so frustrating.

I’m not sure exactly when getting up off the floor became such a huge problem, but it never fails if I fall to the floor, I’m in trouble. Unless it’s with my OT guy. When we practiced on the floor getting up, those days I was in great shape. For some reason I had no problem getting myself up. He wanted to put down that I achieved the goal. I was like absolutely not. We can’t put that because it’s not true. I have no idea why I was strong the two days that I was with him and we did it but it certainly isn’t the norm. 

My aide will be here momentarily. I’ll get back up and sit on my chair. My little sister is coming over to visit today which I’m so excited about. Other than that it’s just resting for another day. All I want is my coffee. At least I still have my puppy love.

6 thoughts on “Live from the living room floor

  1. You remind me so much of my mom (she’s 71). She has such determination and tries hard to not let MS get her down. She’s a fighter, just like you. I know that God has blessed and honoured me with the ability to care for her. I hate MS, I hate what is takes from those that have it, but I love the spirit and fight it brings out too. Sending hugs your way from Northern, Virginia.

      1. I have too. 35 yrs of my life. She was diagnosed when I was 5yrs old and I’m 40 now. I’m sure your daughter knows this about you. You’re an amazing, strong, and beautiful woman. MS can never take any of that from you.

  2. When my legs give out I have to call the firemen to lift me back in my chair, not a pleasant experience.

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