My family my support

My family my support

Good Morning to everyone. I think I’m officially through all my infusion side effects now. I’m happy to say I’m doing ok. Now I’m waiting for the New York weather to start resembling normal weather for the end of September. I’m ready to turn of the AC and bring out my comfy sweatshirts I love so much. I find the fact that it is humid very annoying. I love sweating during my workouts but hate sweating when I’m not doing much of anything else.

My mom and stepdad came over last night to break fast. We celebrated the Jewish New Year together. I ate a bagel with whitefish salad. Not very vegan but so very good. My little sister had it when she was here the week before and I was craving it ever since. Simple things in life make me happy and yesterday whitefish salad made me happy. We then watched a movie together….Antebellum. I should know better than to let them pick a film although the trailer did look good. The film was not. It was boring. Thankfully we didn’t pay to see the film because that would have been worse. Even though the film was a bust, the company certainly wasn’t. My mom isn’t at my house often and it was a nice evening with my family. My puppy Minx loves my stepdad. My stepdad is here every week and Minx likes to lay in his lap. Last night was no exception. This is a big thing for someone who doesn’t love animals. He actually picks Minx up and puts him on his lap. It is really cute.

We all, despite the entertainment picked, had a nice evening. I am always happy to have my family around. I have learned to appreciate my family, all my family, more and more as I have got older. I honestly credit them with giving me the strength that I fight multiple sclerosis with daily. It is my family in my corner that has always been my greatest support. I cherish them all for that. I’m very lucky to have so many wonderful people in my corner. Know I love you all.

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