New links on page…Happy Birthday Lizzy

New links on page…Happy Birthday Lizzy

Still humid in NY. It rained but that didn’t help. However, i did see after tomorrow temperatures start to drop. Cross your fingers. I added another permanent link to an article that talks about different kinds of pain and how it effects sleep. That includes our wonderful multiple sclerosis symptom of restless leg which many of us deal with. They had some very useful tips so check it out. I also have the MS Gym link on my permanent links. I can’t say enough good things about the MS gym. 22+ years with MS and I’ve been having small victories but they are truly victories. I find this the most amazing place to really make a difference for anyone with MS. I urge you to try this for a month. I am not affiliated with either site, this is a completely unbiased review.

Today I would also like to wish my younger sister a very Happy Birthday. She has just gone through a tough year. It ended wtb her finally moving across the country and coming back home. She moved back to New York for the first time since when she left after college. She was my counterpart all the way in San Francisco. Now she is home and so close. She’s had so many changes and a long road to get here. Now I’m wishing her only the greener pastures lined with beautiful flowers on her next chapter. Love you Lizzy, Happy Birthday.

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