From the desk of Jamie Starr

From the desk of Jamie Starr

My whole life every time my dad sent me something it was enclosed with a small note on his stationary From the desk of Michael…I’m not sure when I started keeping the notes but at some point I did regardless what they said. I’d put them in a draw and leave them there. I must have close to my 100 of these little notes in my bedroom draws. I kept them because I’ve always known one day I’m going to want to read these and get the hug from my dad.

My dad and I have always had this deep connection that I couldn’t explain. Some people have ESP and can read thoughts, he could read my feelings kind of the same way. I can’t tell you how many times over the years he has called me as soon as I thought of him. My thoughts were feelings both good or bad. However my dad is also the only person that can literally send me a hug over the phone. He has been talking about feelings and understanding how to be in touch with your feelings since I was a little girl. I use to think it was all babble. Then I started my own spiritual journey and realized he was ahead of his time on so much of his thinking. It is probably how the books I was reading made sense, my dad was teaching me this my whole life.

My dad has been meditating since I was a little girl. Actually he was my first meditation teacher. I remember to this day that first meditation tape we used. I’ve never in my life had an experience meditating like I did back then. I felt lifted out of my body. That was all with my dad. Learning the power of a peaceful mind at the age of 12. However he gave me my other peaceful place as well which is the water. Something I blog about frequently.

My dad is far from conventional and loves to question why or how about most topics. He loves to learn. He loves philosophy and alternative means of cures. He has taught me things aren’t always black or white, sometimes they might not even have a color. He challenges you to expand your mind even if for a moment to something different. He has taught me the importance of stillness at a very young age that has continued to help me as an adult. He taught me how to learn look in the mirror and smile at the reflection. Most of all he taught me how to love and receive love even at a distance and really feel the hug through the phone. One day I will feel it through those From the desk of Michael notes too. Love you Dad. Happy Birthday

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