An epiphany moment

An epiphany moment

Have you every had an epiphany? I was listening to a video message from Trevor Wicken, the owner/trainer of the MS gym, and I had one yesterday. I joined the gym about 5 months ago and have followed a workout program constantly since the day I started. I’ve written numerous blogs about the gym, I talk about the gym to everyone I know, I see a difference and I think the site should be used by EVERYONE who has multiple sclerosis. I even have said I’m going to walk again. I mean with conviction. Amazingly, this is what Trevor was talking about. Changing your mindset, changing your attitude, being more positive, taking control. As I was listening though, I realized I never thought of Trevor as a spiritual role model. However, everything he was saying was a complete reinforcement to what I believe. He actually has had many videos up since I’ve joined and I haven’t listened to any. I don’t know what made me listen today.

As I listened I realized (my epiphany moment) there is an entire Facebook group for the members of the MS gym and I have never said anything. I mean here are some of the most highest of my beliefs systems, hundred percent conviction, hobbies and other people that feel the same way and I’ve never said a word. There’s so many blogs about my mindset when it comes to exercising. It is not optional and it hasn’t been for 10 years. Six days a week habitually. The other thing is the mindset that it could change. The mindset of not letting the disease decide. The idea that healing begins with thought. This is a group of people that are all here for the same reason regardless where they are in their disability. An entire community who feel like I do and I haven’t said a word. You can’t be a part of something if you don’t engage.

In every blog I’ve written about the MS gym, I have written I have no affiliation with them. The truth is I wish I did. I find everything they do amazing. That’s why the epiphany was kind of so powerful for me because I really believe in this gym. Yet to not engaged with anybody else in the gym. It just seemed so foolish. I realized that some of the most influential people I know, I met online. I need to start becoming a part of the MS gym community. I want to be a part of the community. I still urge everyone to try the MS gym out for themselves. I want to see how I can be more involved.

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