Snow day 2021

Snow day 2021

Look, I’m getting my snowstorm.

Unfortunately, it’s not a blanket of white because plows already came through but it’s still snowing hard. The expectation is a total snow accumulation of 8-12 inches. I thought it would be more because it actually started around 8 last night. The wind was howling too. I should know I’ve been up a majority of the evening.

My Sakara food delivery comes every Sunday night between 12-6am. Since I’m in a gated condo, I always get a call to allow them into the building. I never mind, I answer and get the box in the morning when I wake up. Based on the weather, they were early. They got here before 12 which was great. They also came upstairs to my unit which was even better. I was able to unpack all my meals immediately. However we, the dogs and myself, were slightly awake after this. Took awhile to fall asleep again.

I was up again two hours later to use the bathroom. Then I was up two hours after that with belly issues. The accident was mostly contained but I still needed a shower at 4:30am. It was well after 5 when I got myself back into bed. It didn’t take long before I was back up again for the fear I still needed to use the bathroom. A false alarm but by then I just was too tired to do the whole bed thing again. I came out into my living room.

I wasn’t able to sleep but watched about 4 episodes of friends before I gave up. I fed the dogs and did my 50 minute workout. I sat and wrote my blog. It is only 9:35am. Dogs are back asleep on my lap. I’m bundled under a blanket. I can’t think of a better way to enjoy my snow day.

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