Snowstorm results and flooding expectation

Snowstorm results and flooding expectation

Good morning world. How are you this fine Tuesday morning? The big snowstorm didn’t leave as much as anticipated, from what I can see from my window. It rained last night and that definitely changed things. Cars are easily going down the road

However that little snow and ice doesn’t work well for me. Power wheelchairs don’t like those conditions much. My handicap van ramp likes it even less. When I first got my van I opened the ramp by a curb over some small patches of snow. The snow got under the ramp. When the ramp retracted that snow melted and shorted out the tamp system. That was one of my first lessons about the use of my handicap tamp, don’t open on snow. I do love snow and love a good snowstorm but I know that, for me, it means I’m not going anywhere for a longer length of time. Thankfully, I had no plans to go anywhere.

I just got a call from the village where I love warning of flooding during high tide at 11:37. It is a call you listen too because the streets flood by me. I live down by the water and the canals. The water literally comes up from the ground and it is a site that can really leave a person shocked

driving through the aftermath of the flooding can be just as insane. The flooding can happen a few times a year. My building’s parking is a little higher than the street level. I’ve never had any issues with my car parked in my lot. This was the one thing I was unaware of until after I moved to this location. As of today, it hasn’t caused me or my daughter too many problems but I’ve heard stories of others who live in the building. Mostly that they couldn’t leave because of the flooding in the streets or couldn’t get back home.

I hear the snowblowers outside as people are digging the back of their cars out. They still have some mounds from the plows that went through. I am once again cozy on the chair with my puppies and a blanket. The part where my comfy chair is in, and I’m praying it’s the right part. I like this chair but it’s not the same. I hope everybody enjoys their day

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