Why I believe in the MS Gym

Why I believe in the MS Gym

Ive had pretty significant changes that have been happening regarding my multiple sclerosis symptoms lately. In the grand scheme of things they might not seem significant but for me they are. https://multipleexperiences.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/img_3575.mov

My feet are pointing and flexing. They actually do it even better than this little video but I took this right after I worked out. My chin muscles are moving my feet really well. Not bad for someone with foot drop.

I started phase 2 of standing strong and I’m getting on and off the floor by myself. I’m kicking ass. I’ve had so many blog post about me being on the floor and I couldn’t get up. Some of my most upsetting moments were being stuck on the floor. Now I’m purposely getting on the floor to do exercises and I’m getting myself up again. I figured out how to use my wheelchair to aid in my standing again. Everyday hasn’t been perfectly smooth but most have. The two days that weren’t, I still was able to use the same method over and over until it got me up without completely fatiguing myself. I don’t know how it would work at the end of the day where I’m already tired, but this is really big,at least for me. 

Getting on my bed has become a non issue. I thought my bed had a number of days before I had to get a new one. It was starting to get so difficult for me to get on it, I didn’t know what I was going to do. Just such a simple change made getting on my bed completely easy. Are used to always have my Rollator in my bedroom that I used to get to the bathroom. When I brought my Rollator to the living room for all of my MS gym stuff, that left me with the wheelchair to use in the bedroom. I started lining the wheelchair up with my stepstool, that alleviated that step that was becoming so difficult for me to take up to my bed. Ironically, I don’t line the wheelchair up with the step anymore but coming at the stool from the front as opposed to the side (as I did with the rollator) allowed me to easily get up. If I’m really tired I can line the wheelchair up so I don’t have to take the step, but that’s rare. It’s such a difference. Getting into my bed isn’t a problem for me anymore.

I give a lot of credit to the MS gym. I’m working muscles that I stopped working. I’m getting stronger in the necessary chains of movement that I need to function. I’m determined to walk. Not a doubt in my mind it’s going to happen. However I’m persistent and determined enough to see it that way. I can’t say enough about the gym. I can’t plead with people enough to check it out. I can only tell you how it has helped me.

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