Time for handicap plates on my van

Time for handicap plates on my van

I’ve been wanting to get handicap plates on my van since I purchased the vehicle. There was a whole thing with the plates because I purchased the van in New Jersey and I live in New York. At that time I would’ve had to surrender the plates and re-register after I just paid the NYS 2 year registration fee. New York State isn’t very good at giving you money back and prorating so I just stuck with my handicap tag.

I’ve had the handicap tag in my car since probably about 2001. I never even need to renew it. As the expiration date comes close, I get a new one in the mail. The thing that drives me crazy about the tag is in the sun it warps, curls or fades. This year the tag actually broke off from the part you hang. You’re not supposed to drive with it up on your mirror, and I never do. That involves the tag coming up and down and up and down and up and down and it wears over a two year time. It’s only made of plastic. In my car I didn’t mind because I didn’t always take a handicap spot, in my van I have to take the handicap spot. I just thought it was time for the permanent plate now with the van.

First thing I did was called the office a disability in Nassau County, where I live. It was requesting the same form I have to fill out for the tag years ago for the plate. I wasn’t sure if I had to fill it out yet again. Since it involves my doctor I like to try to not bother him as much as I can. Of course I had to fill out the form again. So I’ve had this disability approved for 20 years with the county and I have to get it approved again to get the plates. It’s the exact same form I filled out 20 years ago, only an New York State. Thankfully there was just a small part my doctor had to fill out and I was able to fax the sheet over to him. Next step is getting an appointment at the department of motor vehicles and bringing in my plates. You know it’s not gonna be that easy right? There’s no one to talk to to ask the right questions.

My registration is up in March for the van so I have to get this done in February. If I don’t get it done, I’ll just be back with the same plastic tag that still accomplishes the same goal. I’m still able to park in handicap spots. I just feel the van should be registered as a disability vehicle. My doctor has already filed his portion out and is mailing the form to me. I’m making an appointment for the next week.

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