A vegan/healthy snack find on Amazon

A vegan/healthy snack find on Amazon

Good morning and Happy Friday. I think I should be saying TGIF. I didn’t do much this week but I still feel a little drained. I am currently looking at the water which is glistening in the sun. Looks beautiful but I know it’s cold outside. It is still so wonderful to look at especially since it’s been cloudy most of this week. So far there has been no movement on the plots for that hotel that will block my view from my chair. I guess I can thank Covid for that. I’m sure the 15 million dollar project is still going through but I don’t mind the continued setbacks. ?

I have to tell you about this product I stumbled upon on Amazon called Water Lily Pops. They are this vegan seed that pops like popcorn with less carbs, more protein and less calories. I had to try them. I bought the 4 pack of sea salt because it made the most sense.

Omg where have these been hiding. So good and so much better than popcorn. I didn’t have any of those annoying kernels stuck in my teeth. I immediately went on Amazon and bought the variety pack.

A yummy find. Definitely check them out for any Vegans, Keto, weight watchers, or any other person looking for a healthy snack alternative. No I have no affiliation to the product I just never heard of then and was so presently surprised I had to pass it on.

My electricity just momentarily went off and back on again. My sleeping Minx is now up looking around trying to figure out what beeped simultaneously through the house. He’s so funny. I’m going to go back to my view. I hope you have a great weekend.

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