Workout, nails and good friend

Workout, nails and good friend

I just finished my workout. I’m happy to report I did the whole thing from beginning to end without a long break in between already on day 4. I’m kicking ass. I have a pretty good system to get me off the floor using my wheelchair. I might be able to use my own strength but I know that if it doesn’t work, that mistake can be costly. I really don’t want to deplete all my energy getting up. I’ve been getting one knee on the foot plate and leaving the other one on the floor. I twist the wheelchair controller arm to the inside over the seat cushion. I use my hands to grab the back of the chair to hold on. I use my chin to control the joystick and raise the chair up. When the chair is at the highest position

I carefully slide my foot on the floor into a position to hold me and finally bring down the knee from the foot plate. Thankfully this has been working great. However, if my arms are too tired to hold on, this system won’t work. The way these exercises are grouped my arm aren’t getting fatigued so it’s a perfect system. If it was 5 o’clock at night, this system may not be working so well. 

My friend is on her way to do my nails. One of my favorite people. So giving and funny she makes me smile every time I see or speak to her. She is one of the nicest people I know. I wish I met her before I was disabled. I would have loved going out with her picking up guys. We would have had so many funny memories. I knew of her for years before I met her. She was the ex girlfriend friend of my ex boyfriend’s uncle. Now that’s a mouthful. I’m still close to my ex’s family and one BBQ I attended we finally crossed paths. We’ve been friends since.

I’m hoping to do my black French manicure. Are used to be known for this and I haven’t done it in ages. I just got the call that she’s at the gate. I’m wishing everybody a very happy Thursday. One more day weekend is on the horizon again.

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