Does getting out of bed count?

Does getting out of bed count?

Good morning world. I’m in my chair after my workout drinking a cup of ice coffee. My first cup since Sunday. I spent the day in bed yesterday after being up all night with stomach issues. I emerged from my bed after 4pm to feed the dogs and was back asleep again by 8pm. I slept until almost 9 this morning waking up only one time to use the bathroom. I may have had some stomach issues but I obviously needed the rest as well. I’m relieved I worked out this morning because I have to admit I could spend the entire day in bed again easily. I forced myself to get up and move this morning. My workout was the one thing on my list I was determined to do. The rest of my day is just phone calls and some research on a few things I need to look into.

I still haven’t looked up about changing the sear in my handicap van. Certainly put that on the back burner. I know I’m not doing anything in the next five months but since I might have to apply for grants again I really should get my act together. I keep putting this off and I really shouldn’t. I have to figure out the seat that will work best for me when I use the van yet still work for my stepdad or another when they drive the van. I can’t just take a seat out and make care where it’s just my handicap wheelchair. That won’t work. I have to do some research and I honestly have really procrastinated this one. I looked at the date I wrote the blog about needing to change the seat it was in the beginning of October. I’m not normally someone who procrastinates but I haven’t been driving much so I guess it hasn’t really been as much of an issue. However, every time I do drive it is an issue and I need to start figuring this stuff out. My bad.

On a completely unrelated topic, I haven’t neutered Minx yet. Since he is a rarer pug I thought about letting him stud for a time or two. I know nothing about studding for a dog or how that even works. He’s just so damn cute and he hasn’t shown that aggressive need to get neutered that I had with my other boys that it was a thought. He did get very rambunctious yesterday with me in bed longer than normal. It was the first time I really so him so aggressive like that. I realized that I have to start making a decision about this too. I need to do research and see if it is something doable or worthwhile. He is 10 months in a few days. I don’t really think it is an avenue I’m going to go down but I did want to investigate the idea.

I recently changed my cellphone ring and each time I get a call I keep letting the phone ring so I can hear the song play. I think I might be driving the dogs crazy who already think the phone is for them when it rings. Other than that I’m going to be relaxing today. Hopefully I’ll stay awake until tonight. I don’t want to nap. I’m going to start my phone calls now while I check my emails. Happy Tuesday to all.

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  1. Talk with your vet but our experience with delaying my Son’s Doxies Neuter was since he had the experience he continued trying to breed any chance he got even after the neuter. My son had let him have a litter first so they could get one of the pups as payment.

    1. That was my original thought was to get one of the litter but I don’t want three dogs now so I honestly have no idea what my thinking process is anymore. I really really appreciate that feedback though because that’s the last thing I would want

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