My next big project/accommodation

My next big project/accommodation

My handicap van, one of the most life changing things I was able purchase. This took months of research to find grants. Then after finding grants I had to first apply to each and every one of them. Coordinate the grants with each other. I had a fundraiser going in the middle of all of this trying to raise additional funds. I still had to find a van and negotiate a price. Finally I needed to get a car loan for the remaining balance that wasn’t covered. I didn’t even get a new van, I wasn’t able to afford one. However, thanks to the research, grants, many friends and family who donated I got a great van that I love.

However, at the time of purchase I made no other adjustments to the van. It was equipped with the ramp and the mechanics that lowers the van down as the ramp deploys and that is it. I figured I’d make changes as I needed. I think it is needed.

My MS continues to worsen and things become more challenging. One place that has been increasingly difficult is transferring from my chair to the driver seat. I never changed the seat not even to one that can swivel to the back. At least in that instance I can go from my wheelchair to the seat and just swivel back into power to drive. What I’m have to do now is I need to get up out of the wheelchair, squeeze in between the driver and passenger seat and then sit down and adjust myself to drive. Doesn’t sound like much but when fatigue sets in or I’ve been in my wheelchair for a long time, this is extremely difficult. Difficult and exhausting. I need to start figuring out a suitable alternative. This isn’t working anymore.

This new wheelchair is definitely one that I can drive from. My last one wasn’t. I could look into the option of pulling out the seat so I drive right from my chair. However I don’t know if that is only with hand controls. I still actually drive with my feet. Plus I need the seat if someone else needs to drive my van. This is why I have my next project. It isn’t a quick and easy answer. Than the cost will be another factor. It is never easy but it’s definitely time. I need to start looking for ways to make getting into the drivers seat less of an obstacle so I could enjoy going out again.

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  1. I totally get it! I am still able to transfer from my chair and or walker into my driver’s sea, though doing so is often very fatiguing, and heaven be forgiving that I didn’t leave my wallet or keys in the house, because I don’t have the energy to go back inside of the house to retrieve them. Others say they get fatigued, god bless them, though they just don’t get it, MS fatigue that is. I wish I had some answers for yo, but knowing you now I am sure you will uncover what will work best for you going forward, and when you do, Please, don’t be shy in asking others for financial help. I will be the first one to donate. I have used fund raising platforms to raise money for my swims in raising MS awareness and funding to find a cure. it was a learning process, which I am open to sharing with you what I have learning in making it a successful campaign. Best to you – Dix

    1. Thank you Dix so appreciate the comment. It never ends with what it takes to get through a day. I have to get myself together and get this done. I will definitely turn to you for fundraising advice. Hope you are doing well.

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